Below is a widget linking to the YouTube content I have created.

This area will contain television clips from various shows and appearances by Rob as well as movies created by Rob.

Pearl Harbor

This is a section of a movie I created documenting our family vacation to Hawaii.

Mr Beat LA Banner Maker (Bud Light Real Men of Genius Spoof)

I created this clip for a video I created my friend Jeff for his birthday in 2004. I did all the music, singing, words, editing, etc..

Click here to view streaming video from YouTube


I made two appearances on the television show Kirk, starring Kirk Cameron and his wife. The show was broadcast on the WB Network. They are both really nice people.

The fun thing about doing this show was that we recorded the show twice. Once in front of a live audience and the other time without an audience.

Click here for a clip from my first appearance on Kirk.


I also made two appearances on the show Beverly Hills 90210. I will be posting a clip of that shortly.