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Anaheim's Big Picture Photo Contest 2006

My photo was the runner up in the amateur division of the Sports/Entertainment category of the Anaheim Big Picture Photo Contest. I was on vacation so I was unable to attend the awards presentation but my Mom accepted on my behalf. She is in the winning photo. The picture is shown below. Click here for details on all the winners.


Jeff and I started playing some old tunes and covers. We recorded a couple. The first track is just Jeff on keyboard and me on guitar and vocals. The second we have the backing tracks going but the take wasn't great but was fun!

Love is Blindness

Visions In Blue

Enjoy the Silence


Depeche Mode

You can still access a clip we filmed from our room in Las Vegas of Depeche performing Photographic. Click here for the link.

Old News Page

The old news page can still be accessed here.

Tesco Fresh and Easy Coming Soon!

Check out the blog to read about the new stores that will opening up.


I took my Dad to an event at the LA Public Library featuring Alan Alda and Mike Farrell. Check out the blog for pics and details of the event.

UPDATE: Both Mike Farrell and Alan Alda have contacted my Dad and thanked him for providing them $2 bills to carry in their wallets for luck. My Dad and Grandfather both carried $2 bills for luck while fighting in the Vietnam war and World War II.

You can obtain the podcast of the event from iTunes. Do a search for ALOUD.

Ducks Training Camp 9-11-07

I took a PTO day from work and attended the Ducks training camp opener. I got my Stanley Cup jersey signed by many of the players and posed with the Stanley Cup at Anaheim City Hall. Click here for pics.

Rob Rohm and The Stanley Cup

Stanley Cup Final Game Photos

Click here to check out photos from game 5 of the Stanley Cup Finals.

Athletes and Aces Casino Night

I attended the Luck Be A Lady Casino Night in January, 2007 with my friend Aaron Jacoby. We had a blast! Check out the photos from the event here. The next event will be held on January 12, 2008 at the Island Hotel's Palm Garden. Details can be found here.

MLB Website Article

We are featured in an article on the MLB Website. The article is titled "Fans embrace easy online ticketing" and is announcing that sells 20 million tickets to set new annual record. Check it out here.