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ball AND chain

My husband Rob is a hard-core Angels fan. He has been an Angels fan his entire life. Our game room is decorated from top to bottom with Angels memorabilia.

He has hundreds of pictures, banners that are over 10 feet tall, autographed jerseys, tons of autographed baseballs, neon bar lights, bobbleheads, bats, hats, posters, magazines, rally monkeys, an Angels bowling ball and even an Angels bar refrigerator. Everything is on display in our game room.

That is not including his Angels pillows, Angels towels (that he has to use on game days, so I have to make sure that at least one of them is clean and ready to use every day).

He has Angels boxers, Angels pajamas, Angels wallet, Angels socks, Angels blanket, Angels credit card. Our bathroom is decorated with Angels memorabilia and wallpaper.

He went to all of the home World Series games in 2002. We did not attend my brother’s wedding because he could not miss any of the postseason games. My daughter’s seventh birthday was the exact day of game seven of the World Series, so we took her to California Adventure during the day and then dropped Rob off at the stadium at game time. She had to wait until after the game for her birthday cake and presents.

He bought a fan’s World Series ring that he wears proudly. (By the way, he never used to wear his wedding ring because he claimed he did not like to wear jewelry. That is until he got his World Series ring.) He attends at least 40 games every year.

Whenever I want to make any plans, I have to check the Angels schedule to make sure they are not in town.

I went to see "Fever Pitch" and I loved the movie because I could totally relate to Lindsey.

– Lucy Rohm, Orange

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