Rob’s 36th Birthday
Below are some photos from my 36th birthday party. Thank you all for attending and for the great gifts!
Mike, Jenn, Alexis, Rob, and Marilyn
Bob, Mike, Jenn, Alexis, and Rob
Denise, Pat, Jenna, and Justin
Marilyn and Alexis
Priscilla and Aaron
Joyce and Aaron
Rachel, Raquel, Nikki, Danielle, and Sophia
Anthony and Jacob
Priscilla and Jennifer
Room full of fun
Alfred and Bill
Rob and Bob
Marilyn, Rob, and Bob
Heather and Sergio
Debbie, John, and Aaron
Jim and Joann
Jeff and Alfred
Val and Rawan
Miriam and Heather
Sergio and Manuel
Nikki entertains
the kids
Jeff yodels
Chucky and Nikki
Jenn and Joyce
Cool Cake!
Bob and Joyce
Ryan and Carlos
Jenn and Bob
Jenn and Carlos
Mele family and Rob
Rachel, Danielle, and Raquel
Alexis and Jennifer
Joann, Debbie, Lucy, and Priscilla
Rocking the house!
Party time!
Yvonne, Annette, and Bill
John, Jeff, Anthony, and Rob
Sweet Home Alabama
Rock on!
Group singalong
Still singing!?
Sergio and Gary
Marilyn, Debbie, Lucy, Bill, John, Sophia, Anthony, and Rob
Blue Moon...
Bob and Rob
Val, Miriam, Heather, and Sergio
Gary and Rawan
Lucy and Priscilla
Bob and Ryan
Raquel, Rob, and Christian
Chucky and Rob
Jennifer and Rob
Gary and Bob
Group Huddle
Opening present
iChong signed to me
Annette, Bill, and Phil