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This area will contain photos of Rob and various sports stars such as Nolan Ryan, Joe Dimaggio, and more.

Christian and Shawn Green aat the Baseball Academy in Tustin - December 2nd, 2006

Rob, Christian, Lucy, and Raquel with Lord Stanley's Cup at the Newport Sports Museum - November 5th, 2006

Rob, Christian, and Bengie Molina at Baseball Card Dugout in Anaheim - September 9th, 2006

Christian and Bengie Molina at Baseball Card Dugout in Anaheim - September 9th, 2006

Lucy, Raquel, Christian and Rob at Dodger Stadium in Los Angeles - August 13, 2006

Christian, Raquel, and Rob Rohm during batting practice at AT&T Park in San Francisco - June 19, 2006

Raquel, Rob, and Christian Rohm after running bases at McAfee Collisseum in Oakland - June 18, 2006

Rob Rohm and Dave Winfield - Angel Stadium, 2005 ALCS

John Lackey and Rob Rohm, Lackey's First MLB Win - June 30, 2002 - Angel Stadium

Raquel, Rob Rohm, and David Eckstein - June 2002

Jeff, Bill, Rob, and Steve - Angels vs Dodgers, July 2002 - Excerpt from Red Dawn Rises DVD

Lucy, Chris Isaak, Marilyn, and Rob Rohm - Angel Stadium, 2002 World Series

Rob Rohm and Raquel Rohm - Angel Stadium, Ring Ceremony Night, 2003

Nolan Ryan, Rob, and Lucy Rohm - August 16th, 2003, Round Rock, Texas

Raquel, Vladimir Guerrero, Rob Rohm, and Orlando Mercado - Angels Fest 2004

Scot Shields and Rob Rohm - ESPN Zone, Anaheim

Joe Dimaggio, Raquel, and Rob Rohm

Hank Aaron, Raquel, and Rob Rohm

Raquel, Pete Rose, Christian, and Rob Rohm

Bob Feller, Raquel, and Rob Rohm