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There are a couple of guys that keep talking trash on me for not being an Angels fan because of my disdain for Arte Moreno. If they only knew! LOL. Anyway, there are some cool people on the board that do defend me. One guy named Lee, is 72 years old and he seems to be totally computer savvy. Good guy. Then there is another guy named TheOCHalos (I like the name) that had this to say:

You’re not always going to like the decisions the owners make, but if you’ve followed the team for many years, you don’t just “quit” them. I suspect a guy with a Nolan name has been an Angels fan for a long time.

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Lifelong Angels fan. Depeche Mode fan since 1985. Won a contest to bat against Nolan Ryan in 2003.

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  1. L.A. is not Anaheim or Orange County for that matter. If you don’t understand that you’ve got some serious problems. We don’t need L.A. thugs bleeding into our county and we definitely don’t want them at our stadium. A name does mean a lot especially when your team won the World Series as the Anaheim Angels. And it’s already been proven that Anaheim has lost millions on this retarded name change. Would you want your team to celebrate a World Series victory in crappy ass L.A.

  2. Yeah, the testimony this week seems very favorable for the city. Moreno didn’t look good on Monday and Dennis Kuhl, President of the Angels may have inadvertently aided the city’s case.

  3. Good move to NOT put the LA logo on my 1952 Topps card. People might have thought you were getting soft! Tom

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