Coldplay – Arrowhead Pond February 7th, 2006

What a great show. So many things to talk about. Fiona Apple opened. Great show. I had sixth row on the floor but the seating configuration was altered and I had FRONT ROW on the floor. Between Fiona Apple and Coldplay I ran into a former schoolmate from Orange High. He didn’t recognize me! I am gaining too much weight. I told him I was the Depeche Mode guy and he remembered me. He says I look quite different. Anyway, it was interesting talking to him. He used to be the drummer in the Offspring. His name is Ron Welty and he has a new band in the works It was a good break and then the headliner came on. Coldplay put on a great show. They announced and pointed out Joaquin Phoenix was in attendance.

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Lifelong Angels fan. Depeche Mode fan since 1985. Won a contest to bat against Nolan Ryan in 2003.