Yankee Stadium

The 2008 All-Star Game will be played at Yankee Stadium because they are tearing it down after the season. Bud Selig had this to say in the press conference announcing the stadium selection:

“When you think of Yankee Stadium it is the most, in my opinion, famous cathedral in baseball — and I think the most famous stadium in the world,” Selig said. “So we really believe that this is the way we can honor a cathedral that has meant so much to this sport for so long.”

So how is that they are tearing this stadium down! Doesn’t anyone have a sense of history? I can’t believe that this is being done. I hope to see a game at Yankee Stadium before they tear it down. I am not a fan of the Yankees but I do respect their history and the history of the ballpark. Ironically the new stadium will have less seating than the current stadium. Go figure!

2002 Dismantled

Although I noted in my previous post that Erstad was going to be signing elsewhere, it still is disappointing to see it become reality. Ironically Erstad was almost traded to the White Sox before the 2002 season started. He told me that he was told by a reporter “to pack his bags because he was traded” so he thought he had been traded.

Erstad was a key piece of the 2002 World Series Championship team. There remains only one starting position player from the 2002 World Series team, Garrett Anderson. It is a very sad day indeed for Angels fans.

Darin Erstad and Rob Rohm

Luck Be A Lady Casino Night

Last night I attended the Luck Be A Lady Casino Night at Joe’s Garage in Tustin. It was an amazing opportunity to mingle with some of the finest professional athletes in Orange County.

I started the evening talking with J.S. Giguere and Sammy Pahlson of the Anaheim Ducks. We spoke about many things including their first NFL game. I told them that I was taking my son to see the Chargers-Patriots playoff game on Sunday and Giguere told me they attended their first NFL game this season. Chris Pronger organized a game while they were on a road trip. They attended the Tampa Bay-Atlanta game. They had a great time at the game. They weren’t able to get a block of tickets so they had various seats throughout the stadium. We got a laugh when Giguere told me he was 2 rows from the field and then Pahlson said his seats were up at the top of the stadium.  I spoke to Giguere and Pahlson for a great length of time. Two really great guys to chat with and excellent players as well.

One of the highlights of the evening was getting to speak at length with Angels great Darin Erstad. Unfortunately he says he is struggling with the decision but “the writing is on the wall” as far as his Angels career is concerned. The Angels want to invite him to spring training and give him a minor league contract. There is no starting position for him on the team and he wants to play full time. He has been offered a major league contract from the A’s. He said it would be really weird to take the field in another teams uniform and he imagined himself an Angel for his entire career. It will be very sad to see him go but understandable from his perspective. The Angels are really to blame. They have basically dismantled the 2002 team.

A couple of other 2002 alumni were at the event and were cool to chat with. Adam Kennedy actually outbid me on a Darin Erstad glove and bat. John Lackey is always a good guy to speak with. Mickey Hatcher was buying us drinks at the end of the evening. He is a fun guy to drink with.

The whole evening was a blast. I got several autographs and my friend Aaron won a jersey signed by all of the athletes in attendance. I believe this is an annual event. The money goes to charity and the event is well worth the cost of admission. I will definitely go again if I have the chance.

Darin Erstad, Rob Rohm, Teemu Selanne