Santana on the road

Well I made the mistake of starting Ervin Santana in my fantasy baseball league today. He pitched in Milwaukee and I know his ERA on the road is horrible, but I was hoping that all the time off the Indians had would hurt them. The Angels-Indians series was shifted to Milwaukee because of the weather conditions in Cleveland.

The Mariners and Indians had to cancel their series because of snow. They actually started a game and were just an out away from making it an official game (5 innings) but the weather forced them to postpone it. Ironically Paul Byrd was throwing a no-hitter in the game.

There was discussion of bringing the series to Angels-Indians series to Anaheim. I was really hoping they would so that Santana would pitch here and because it would be fun to get to go to the games. The games would have been add-ons to the schedule and would have opened up seating options for anywhere in the stadium. In Cleveland, it was a first come, first serve seating arrangement for $10 per ticket.