Troy Percival Comeback

Perhaps I should be a reporter, I scooped all of the news outlets with the fact that Troy Percival wants to make a comeback. Unfortunately I’ve been so busy with Mother’s day, birthdays, Angels and Ducks games to write about it. My friends were told the story but I haven’t written it online yet. FSN reported some details the other day and the Orange County Register had an article today. They both left out some key bits of information, so I will post my conversation with Percival here:

I ran into Percy at Game 2 of the Western Conference Semi-Finals when the Ducks were playing Vancouver. It was Percival’s second Ducks game ever. The only other Ducks game he attended was during the regular season. He had a Ducks jersey on with PERCIVAL 40 written on the back. I told him how cool that was and he said that the Ducks just gave it to him. I asked him if he was working for the Angels in Arizona and he said that they have him working various locations. He said that his arm was feeling really good and he wanted to come back and pitch again. At first I thought he was joking. I asked if he was serious and he said that he was. I asked if he wanted to return to the Angels and he responded that he would only pitch for the Angels. He said he was hoping for an August return. I had him sign my ticket from the game, you can see it below:

Percival Ticket