It was twenty years ago today!

Time flies. I can’t believe it has been twenty years since I was in the midst of a three night concert run. I was seventeen years old and a senior in high school.
On Thursday, Dec. 3rd, 1987 I went to see the Jesus and Mary Chain at San Diego State University on the Darklands Tour.

Jesus and Mary Chain concert ticket from 1987

The following night on Dec. 4th, 1987, on a rainy Friday evening, I had fourth row seats on the floor to see Depeche Mode on the Music for The Masses Tour. This show happened six months before the same show was performed at the Rose Bowl in Pasadena for the famous 101 Concert for the Masses.

Depeche Mode concert ticket from Music for the Masses tour

I purchased the fourth row seats from a ticket broker for $95 per ticket. My Dad obtained some free tickets in the Forum’s exclusive Senate section from Budweiser. He had been trying to score some backstage passes for me and was able to obtain these tickets. I still have the full ticket from one of the seats.

Depeche Mode full concert ticket from Music for the Masses tour

I have the newspaper advertisement announcing the show.

Depeche Mode Forum Concert Advert 1987

The third night on Dec. 5th, 1987, I attended the Love and Rockets concert on their Earth, Sun, and Moon Tour. The opening act was Jane’s Addiction. My friend and I ended up hanging out and partying at the dorms after the concert. Not too bad for a pair of high school kids.
Love and Rockets 1987 Concert Ticket Stub

1987 was a great time for music. These concerts were some of the best ever. Oh to be young again!

The good news that I heard today is that Depeche Mode will be recording in Feb/Mar of 2008 and an album and tour will follow.

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