Aces and Athletes Casino Night

Last night was the annual fundraiser for OCCAPC at Palm Gardens in Newport. There seemed to be many more people there this time. There were plenty of athletes as well including JS Giguere, Sammy Pahlson, Chris Pronger, Darin Erstad, John Lackey, Adam Kennedy, Chuck Finley, Mickey Hatcher, Bobby Grich, Clyde Wright, Robb Nen, and more.

There was great food and an open bar (including Peroni). We started off the evening checking out the silent auctions. Giguere was near the items he had donated, so I talked with him a bit regarding the championship and the items he donated. After grabbing a couple of drinks and some food we sat at a table to eat with Sammy Pahlson, JS Giguere, and their wives. We talked with them for a bit until they were called away to go pose with the Stanley Cup for a magazine.

Had a good conversation with John Lackey including a discussion of his favorite water hole, the Goathill Tavern. He also introduced his fiance to us. Talked to Clyde Wright a bit and he mentioned the appearance by Nolan in Newport. He also said he will be going on a golf outing with Nolan in Austin, Texas in April. Mickey Hatcher remembered us from last year and we had a great conversation regarding the Angels. We spoke with Mickey throughout the night. Really cool guy.

We played poker and Phil ended up at the final table. I bid on quite a few items in the silent auction including a 2004 Vladimir Guerrero team issued jersey, Teemu Selanne stick, JS Giguere stick, a jersey signed by all the athletes, and an Honorary Duck for a Game certificate.

I was outbid on everything at the end. The one item I was trying to focus on was the Honorary Duck for the game certificate. At the very last second I was outbid by someone and she said it was because of my last name? I questioned why and she asked if I knew who she was. I said no and she said she was Jim Everett’s wife. I told her my name was pronounced like CD-ROM not Rome. Her husband was on the Jim Rome show once and Rome kept calling him Kris. I knew the story, so after clearing my name, she offered to let me take it as the high bidder. The certificate is good for four plaza seats (they are the GM, Brian Burke’s seats) and we get to watch the pregame warmups from inside the penalty box. Afterwards my son will get to meet a Ducks player and receive an autographed stick from them. He will be shown as the Honorary Duck on the jumbotron during the game.

I sat and spoke with Chuck Finley for a little bit. I had him sign a retro Angels cap for me. Below is a pic Aaron took of us.

Chuck Finley and Rob Rohm

Later in the evening I spoke to Darin Erstad regarding game used helmets and the latest on his career. He signed his helmet and inscribed game used on it. I also had him sign a couple of banners of him that hung at Angel Stadium. Here is a photo of him and I discussing the helmet.

Darin Erstad and Rob Rohm

It was a great evening, I could go on and on but I will cut it with a couple more pics below:

Aaron Jacoby, Mickey Hatcher and Rob Rohm

Aaron Jacoby, Robb Nen, Rob Rohm, and Phil Lau

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