Baseball season is back and I’ve been to all of the games at the stadium this week.

Friday night I held the flag on the field for the national anthem at the home opener. Below is a photo I took from my phone while holding the flag with the other hand:

Opening Night at Angel Stadium 2008

Tonight the Angels opened up a series against the Indians. The starting pitching was phenomenal. Joe Saunders pitched eight solid innings for the Angels and the Indians countered with Fausto Carmona. I took my eight-year-old son and he kept score the entire game.

In the middle of the game, Casey Kotchman fouled off a pitch into the Diamond Club and I tried to reach over the divider and grab it with my one free hand. I had a pizza in my right hand and just got a finger on the foul ball with my left hand. I was disappointed that I didn’t get the ball.

The game was tied at one in the eighth inning when Torii Hunter came up to bat and hit a solo home run. Francisco Rodriguez came in to close out the ninth inning and fell apart. He was pulled and Scot Shields continued to let the game slip away. I was thinking how my luck has dwindled away. I missed out on a foul ball and the Angels were now losing 4-2 and were likely to lose a game that they should have won. They haven’t lost after leading in the eighth inning for years. The first batter for the Angels in the bottom of the ninth hit a fly ball for the first out.
My luck changed with the next batter. Gary Matthews Jr. fouled a ball back and it went to the section to my left. I jumped out of my seat and stood at the end of the aisle. It took a huge bounce and I jumped up to grab the ball and secured it with both hands. Nobody else even touched it and it seemed as though it came right to me. I was ecstatic that I caught the ball. This was only the second foul ball I’ve ever got after attending hundreds of games. This was the first one fouled off by an Angels player. The other one was pitched by an Angels player.

After I caught the Matthews foul ball, Matthews walked and Vladdy and Garret got on base to load up the bases for Torii Hunter. Torii hit his second home run of the game, a walk-off grand slam! Many in the crowd had departed early but those of us that were still there went crazy!

It just goes to show that anything can happen and sometimes when you are feeling down on your luck, something great may be waiting just around the corner. As they say, never give up and it isn’t over until it’s over! Below is the foul ball that I caught.

Game Used Ball from Angels vs Indians, 4-07-08

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