Angels Baseball Clinic

I am fortunate enough to be able to work flexible hours and attend events such as the one I went to today with my son. The Angels coaching staff and broadcaster Jose Mota donate their time to put on a baseball clinic for Angels season ticket holders. I went with my son and took some photos of the event. He had a great time and got a ball signed by Mike Butcher (former Angels player and current pitching coach). Below are the photos:

Steve Soliz discussing fielding.

Steve Soliz and Christian Rohm

Mickey Hatcher rolling Christian a ground ball.

Mickey Hatcher at Angels Clinic

Jose Mota discussing baserunning.

Jose Mota and Christian Rohm

Pitching Coach Mike Butcher and Christian

Mike Butcher and Christian

My favorite pic of the day.

Christian Rohm at Angel Stadium

No-Hit Loss

I attended the Angels game at Dodger Stadium tonight with my son. We watched the Angels no-hit the Dodgers but lose the game. Jered Weaver and Jose Arredondo combined to no-hit the Dodgers. I took some photos of them before the game. There is also a photo of my son and I in front of the scoreboard with the zero hits. It was a bittersweet ending to see the Angels no-hit the Dodgers but actually lose.

Ironically, MLB supposedly changed the definition of a no-hitter a few years back and this game supposedly doesn’t officially qualify as a no-hitter. It doesn’t really make sense since a pitcher can pitch a complete game shutout in a 5 inning game when rained out. Either way my son and I witnessed our first ever no-hitter whether MLB wants to call it one or not. I was happy that I got to share the moment with my son. MLB cannot take away the memory of us sharing in it together.

A Comic Legend Passes

Comic legend George Carlin passed away today from heart failure. In 1991, I celebrated my 21st birthday in Laughlin, Nevada. I went to see George Carlin perform at the Riverside Casino and had a great time. I went with my friend Jeff Ford and we ordered a bucket of beers at the performance. It was quite a thrill to order the bucket of beers and see a show since I had just turned 21 five days before the show. The performance was hilarious and I still think of many of the jokes that were said that night.
George Carlin was a great entertainer and I ended up catching additional performances of his over the years. I even went to watch a taping of his television show. He peformed recently near my house but it was my wife’s birthday and she didn’t want to attend. I wish I had a chance to catch that performance. He is a legendary entertainer and will truly be missed.

Below is the ticket from my first Carlin show, five days after I turned 21 years old.

Missed Them by 2 Weeks!

The Angels will play their first ever games in Philadelphia this weekend. I returned from my first trip to Philly two weeks ago. They have a great ballpark and I was fortunate enough to catch three games there. Hopefully the Angels can win three games there 😉 Below is a picture of my from seat (2nd row behind the vistor’s dugout).

Unfortunately Ken Griffey Jr. didn’t play in the game. He was only one home run shy of hitting 600 home runs. Only Barry Bonds, Hank Aaron, Babe Ruth, Willie Mays, Mark McGwire, and Sammy Sosa have hit 600 home runs.

Father’s Day 2008

I want to thank my Father for being such a great Dad. I am truly blessed to have such a great family. My son and daughter made the day special. I am so proud of both of them.
We had a great bbq and swim at my house. My parents and my sister’s family came over. My parents marinated the steaks with my favorite recipe of theirs. I grilled up the steaks and we had a good time. My sister and nephew were a bit miffed that we beat them in water polo 😉

I was also able to attend my third consecutive Father’s Day Game. In 2006 we went to Oakland and saw the Dodgers and A’s play (we were in town for Angels game the following night). In 2007 we attended the Angels game at Dodger Stadium. This year we went to Angel Stadium for the ESPN game of the week featuring the Atlanta Braves vs the Angels of Anaheim.

HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to my Dad and any Fathers reading this!