A Comic Legend Passes

Comic legend George Carlin passed away today from heart failure. In 1991, I celebrated my 21st birthday in Laughlin, Nevada. I went to see George Carlin perform at the Riverside Casino and had a great time. I went with my friend Jeff Ford and we ordered a bucket of beers at the performance. It was quite a thrill to order the bucket of beers and see a show since I had just turned 21 five days before the show. The performance was hilarious and I still think of many of the jokes that were said that night.
George Carlin was a great entertainer and I ended up catching additional performances of his over the years. I even went to watch a taping of his television show. He peformed recently near my house but it was my wife’s birthday and she didn’t want to attend. I wish I had a chance to catch that performance. He is a legendary entertainer and will truly be missed.

Below is the ticket from my first Carlin show, five days after I turned 21 years old.

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