OC Register (Frank Mickadeit’s column)

My name is in the paper again. Fighting the fight against the L.A. name invading Orange County. In the local section of today’s Orange County Register, the following blurb is included in Frank Mickadeit’s column. 

On another L.A. name rant, Rob Rohm of Orange wrote in to register his surprise and disgust at something that I had not realized either, and which gives me a whole new major corporate entity to attack. The name of the concert venue formerly known as Irvine Meadows was not only changed to Verizon Wireless Amphitheater but to “Verizon Wireless Amphitheater – Los Angeles.”

WBC (World Baseball Classic) Tickets

I got my World Baseball Classic Tickets via UPS last week. Since I ordered the stip the tickets are printed on special ticket stock. Great looking tickets. Very happy with them. I’ve clipped off the seating numbers and bar codes and included only the artwork in the image below.

WBC tickets

It’s About the Wins!

“On-the-field wins drive the value of TV rights more than any single factor, especially when there’s a consistent belief in the potential to win at a very high level,” Randy Freer, FSN’s chief operating officer, told the Times. “The things Arte has implemented to put the team in position to win, to increase attendance, to increase sponsors, that’s the true measure of what will ultimately drive the value of TV rights.”

Arte Moreno has said he renamed the team to maximize television revenue. The guy from Fox Sports Net just said the same thing I have believed all along. It is about the team, not the name!

Coldplay Thanks California!

I saw Coldplay last summer at Irvine Meadows and when they were ending the show the band thanked Los Angeles. I was pretty upset that they would say that. I found out that Irvine Meadows had been renamed Verizon Wireless Amphitheatre of Los Angeles. So I wrote to Coldplay via their Web site. I told them that it was an insult, just as thanking people in Manchester by saying “Thank you London” would be offensive. At their show last night, they said “Thank you California“. I guess bands actually read their fan’s feedback. GOOD JOB COLDPLAY!

Coldplay – Arrowhead Pond February 7th, 2006

What a great show. So many things to talk about. Fiona Apple opened. Great show. I had sixth row on the floor but the seating configuration was altered and I had FRONT ROW on the floor. Between Fiona Apple and Coldplay I ran into a former schoolmate from Orange High. He didn’t recognize me! I am gaining too much weight. I told him I was the Depeche Mode guy and he remembered me. He says I look quite different. Anyway, it was interesting talking to him. He used to be the drummer in the Offspring. His name is Ron Welty and he has a new band in the works www.steadyground.com. It was a good break and then the headliner came on. Coldplay put on a great show. They announced and pointed out Joaquin Phoenix was in attendance.

Great Cover Photo

Wow. I like the Yahoo! Entertainment photo of the day. It is the foldout cover of the latest Vanity Fair. It would make a great cover for a Life of Debauchery CD.

Vanity Fair Cover

This photo supplied by Vanity Fair shows Scarlett Johansson, foreground, and Keira Knightley posed nude for the fold-out cover of Vanity Fair magazine’s yearly Hollywood issue, to be released Wednesday, Feb. 8, 2006. Fashion superstar Tom Ford also appears on the cover photo by Annie Leibovitz shot exclusively for Vanity Fair.