Television These Days

Sitcoms on network tv is hard to watch with children in the room these days. I was watching a show called “How I Met Your Mother” on CBS tonight and had to kick my daughter out of the room.

A few minutes later my six year old son walks in the room and the girl on the show says “You have to have sex to get pregnant“. My son says”What did she say?“. My wife looks at me and then she tells him “I didn’t hear what she said“. He then proceeds to tell me about a shirt he saw at Target today that says “Do You Think I’m Sexy“. Aw man. It’s hard to shield kids these days!

25 Year Reunion

My all-time favorite teacher was my fifth grade teacher, Scott Young. I have very fond memories of the class. He was such a great teacher that we even invited him over to my house after the school year ended for dinner.

I ran into him at an Angels game during the 2005 season and he came over for dinner this past weekend. Below are pics from 1981 and 2006.

Scott Young and Rob Rohm circa 1981Scott Young and Rob Rohm 2006
Scott Young and Rob Rohm circa 2006 message board

There are a couple of guys that keep talking trash on me for not being an Angels fan because of my disdain for Arte Moreno. If they only knew! LOL. Anyway, there are some cool people on the board that do defend me. One guy named Lee, is 72 years old and he seems to be totally computer savvy. Good guy. Then there is another guy named TheOCHalos (I like the name) that had this to say:

You’re not always going to like the decisions the owners make, but if you’ve followed the team for many years, you don’t just “quit” them. I suspect a guy with a Nolan name has been an Angels fan for a long time.